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How Can Signage Keep You Safe from COVID-19?

July 24, 2020

COVID-19 has changed our lives in a lot of ways—and one of the most surprising might be the need for a lot of new signage. After all, it’s hard for some folks to adjust to the new normal, including strict handwashing standards, social distancing measures and wearing a mask. Whether... View Article

How to Design a Business Card: The Ultimate Guide

July 10, 2020

Your business card says a lot about you, your business’s values and the way you want to present yourself—so if you’re using a stock design from an online print shop, you’re giving the impression that you don’t offer anything new or different. Getting a custom-designed business card from Copycat Printing... View Article

How Can Your Business Benefit from Graphic Design?

June 2, 2020

One of the biggest mistakes budding entrepreneurs make is going too big, too quickly. When kickstarting any business, moderation is key. You want to start out with only the essentials. Of course, in the quest to keep your budget from exploding, it can be tempting to overlook the importance of... View Article

The Who, What, When and Why of Sending Birth Announcements

May 19, 2020

If only parenthood came with a practical manual for social niceties. Shouldn’t there be one? After all, there are certainly enough manuals and philosophical treatises about how to raise your kid. So, why hasn’t anyone written something that helps new parents introduce their child to the world? Trust us, if... View Article

Tips for Designing and Printing Business Cards

May 18, 2020

Business cards are a vital part of networking—if you’ve ever scrambled to write down your contact information after meeting a potential collaborator or client, you know how important it is to have a well-designed, memorable business card. They’re an easy, professional way to make sure that your desired contacts can... View Article

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