The Different Types of Laminated Business Cards

February 16, 2022

Regardless of your job title or profession, you should always have a business card on hand to give to potential customers or business partners. However, it’s important to understand that a business card is much more than just a way to give someone your contact information—it can also make or break your first impression.

Handing out high-quality laminated business cards is one of the best ways to make a fantastic first impression while preventing the card from tearing or fading due to wear and tear. But did you know that there are quite a few options for laminated cards? Keep reading to learn more about each of your choices.


Glossy laminated cards are perfect for individuals who want to showcase their artistic creativity. The shiny gloss encourages bright, bold colors and even highlights the hue to make the cards stand out from the crowd. These cards are also great for visual elements. So, if you’re proud of your business’s logo and want to promote it, a glossy finish is for you.


A matte business card’s smooth, sleek surface gives off a powerful impression. This is an ideal finish for business professionals who want an elegant and simple card. Many matte business cards feature a minimalistic design that makes a bold statement with very few words.


Silk laminate business cards are the sweet spot between matte and glossy cards. They stand out from other business cards in someone’s pocket because they have a soft and luxurious exterior. With high-quality bonding between the paper card and the plastic laminate, these cards are sure to look attractive for years.


The embossing process adds texture to your business card by elevating the parts you want to accentuate. While you can emboss any element on the card, many customers will raise their company’s name or logo to make it literally “pop” off the card.

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