What To Include in Your Letterhead

January 23, 2023

Company letterhead is a crucial type of business communication. Not only does this item communicate required information to the receiver, but it can also be used to communicate more about your company’s message and even its values. The letterhead is often one of the first ways a potential client interacts with your brand, so you definitely want to put your best foot forward when creating the letterhead.

This quick guide will provide you with some tips on what to include in your company letterhead.

The Company Name

This may seem like a no-brainer, but listing your company name is obviously essential, but there are different ways you can accomplish this. The type of business you run will influence how you list your name on the letterhead.

For instance, if you are solo, then you will just put your own name and business name. However, if you are part of a partnership, both you and your partner must be included on the letterhead. If there are too many partners to list, simply include a website address where all the partners can be viewed equally.

You will also need to have the company’s legal business name. The company name should be placed in the header or footer. Most companies place this information right beside their logo.


Even if you do not have a physical brick-and-mortar location where you conduct business, it is still essential to include an address associated with where the business is registered. This actually does a lot to help your company appear legitimate. When no address is included at all, it often creates the impression of a scam.

If the company has multiple locations, you will want to include addresses for all locations. However, you do not need to add an address for a location that is also living accommodations.

Registration Number

If you are trading as a limited company, you will also want to include the company registration number.


The company logo is an important type of marketing. If you have not already created a logo for the business, you will definitely want to do this before having letterheads printed. The logo should embody the spirit of your company. It should somehow relay what the company is all about and act as a way to catch the eye and make an impression on potential customers. When deciding how to design your business letterhead, the logo will be a crucial part of the layout. 

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