Why You Should Create Your Own Custom Wrapping Paper

November 17, 2021

Using custom wrapping paper in your business is a nice touch that can help attract repeat customers. When your customers buy something from your store, whether it’s a gift for someone else or just for themselves, wrapping it in custom wrapping paper creates a positive feeling that goes along with the process of shopping in your store.

There are other benefits of getting custom wrapping paper printing done for your business. For starters, it enhances the customer experience of shopping at your establishment. It’s also free branding for you, as anyone who sees the printing will associate it with your business.

Here are some more reasons why you may want to consider wrapping paper printing for your business.

Tell your brand’s story

Custom wrapping paper printing can help tell your brand’s story without words. What you print on the wrapping paper that envelops your customers’ purchases will create a feeling that your customers will associate with your brand.

Maybe all you need to print on the paper is your logo. Maybe you want a custom design to complement your aesthetic. Perhaps a certain color or image is important for getting the message of your company out there. Maybe you would like a few different options for different types of items you sell. No matter what you decide to print on your custom wrapping paper, it is an extra touch that can mean a lot to your customers.

Create an experience

The joy of receiving a gift goes beyond what the physical gift may be—it’s also about the process of unwrapping the gift and the anticipation of seeing a thoughtfully-wrapped item and wondering what’s inside. One example is the signature blue color that gifts from Tiffany’s are wrapped in. Seeing that blue box or bag creates excitement that will remain no matter what’s inside of it.

In this way, the unboxing experience of opening a gift creates a memory that may be cherished as much as the gift itself. This experience is something that people will likely want to share with others, especially on social media. Having custom wrapping paper will let everyone viewing the video know where the gift came from and may lead to more customers down the road. It’s like free advertising.

How to get custom wrapping paper

Creating custom wrapping paper begins with an idea. You may find inspiration on social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram, and you may want to talk with your team to brainstorm ideas that best tell the story of your company. You may also want to work with an experienced printer who has seen a lot of designs come through their shop to help you create and/or refine your ideas.

With the holiday season coming up, you’re likely to find yourself wrapping more of your customers’ purchases than ever. If you’re looking for wrapping paper printing for your business, contact the professional, experienced team at Copycat Printing today. We will work with you to craft and print a design that will help take your customers’ experiences to the next level.

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