Why You Should Have a Sign for Your Home-Based Business

October 4, 2021

The advertising world is a dynamic arena that continues to evolve with technology and societal changes. If you’re a small business owner working from home, how can you best market your offerings and remain competitive in a cutthroat industry? There are many avenues to pursue, but one of the most effective methods is to consult with professional printing services to create a custom sign for your home-based business.

Not sure it’s worth the investment? Consider the following benefits of this mode of advertising. You might be surprised at the many advantages this simple effort can bring when you partner with your local printing service to let people know about your business:

  • Grab their attention: An attractive sign should be attention-grabbing and informative. After all, how will customers know your services are available if you don’t tell them? A sign that draws their eye on their way to and from work or while they are out walking or biking will provide daily advertising for your business.
  • Spark their interest: A catchy tagline on your sign or descriptive words to let them know about your offerings can draw people to your business. A sign lets you tell people what you’re all about and get them interested enough to call or stop by for more info. Use engaging graphics or text to make potential customers smile, laugh, ponder or wonder, and they are likely to remember you when they need your services.
  • Claim your territory: Perhaps no one in your area realizes they have a business like yours right nearby. Or, maybe another business owner is considering hanging out their shingle in your area. A sign lets people know your business is established in that neighborhood. They will know your services are available, and they will know about the competition that’s in the area, which may deter competitors from setting up shop too close.
  • Advertise your offerings: A sign can let people know what you offer that is unique to your business. Your printing service provider can help you design a sign that tells customers the value of your services and the products they will miss out on if they take their business elsewhere. You can mention awards, unique services, exclusive products and more. Your sign advertises for you 24/7.
  • Give customers a visual: We live in a visual world. People are used to receiving alerts, watching videos and looking for the next visual stimulation. To insert your business into their world and make them aware of your offerings, you need to put yourself in their field of view. A custom sign from a professional printing service reaches people where they are and pulls them toward your business with an attractive visual cue.

Draw them in

For exceptional printing services to create your custom sign, contact Copycat Printing. We have been helping home-based business owners showcase their services with attractive signs since 1988. We are dedicated to creating signs with impact, so you can grow your business and enjoy even greater success. Reach us today at 308-237-4677 to get started.

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