Everything You Need to Know When Sending Out Your Wedding Invitations

June 2, 2021

The wedding invitations are a highly anticipated step in planning your wedding and making the day go off without a hitch. After you’ve designed your invites, there’s a lot of etiquette associated with sending the invitations that you should be aware of.

Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know when sending your wedding invitations to guests in Kearney, NE and beyond:

  • Timing: In general, it’s considered polite to send out invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding to give your guests enough time to make the necessary arrangements. Ideally, your guests will already have received a save-the-date notice, so they may well have had travel arrangements already in place, but the invitation will include a more detailed itinerary that will help your guests plan ahead. It will also include accommodations (if applicable) so your guests know where the wedding block is located and they can book their room.
  • Deadlines: You should also consider when you need your guests to RSVP. Ideally it will be at least three weeks before your wedding so you have enough time to give a final count for meals and drinks and to create a seating chart. If some guests do not respond by your deadline, feel free to call them to follow up.
  • Website: Most couples these days create a wedding website (either one of their own or one through a free service like The Knot). You should include your wedding website URL on the invitation so guests can go and check it out and get all the information they need. You should also include this website URL on your save the date.
  • Dress code: Some people like to have a dress code suggestion for their wedding. Usually this is placed in the bottom right corner of the invitation or on a reception card that is added separate to the invitation. Wordings like “casual attire,” “cocktail attire” and “black tie” all refer to different levels of formality, so make sure you are clear with the phrase you use. The design of the invitation could also clue guests into the formality of the event. Playful and bright invitations lend themselves to more casual affairs, while letterpress or calligraphy will likely indicate a more formal occasion.
  • Plus ones: You do not necessarily have to give every guest a plus one. If the guest is not married or in a serious relationship, you can invite them by themselves and not have to worry about it. Guests should know that without specific wording inviting a guest, they are only invited by themselves.
  • Adults only: If you will not be allowing kids at your wedding, you should be sure to properly address your invitations. But it’s always a good idea to also talk individually to friends and family members with kids and explain your desire for an adults-only wedding.

For more information about the various pieces of etiquette associated with wedding invitations, contact Copycat Printing. We’d love to tell you more about how our printing service in Kearney, NE can help you get ready for your big day with the perfect invitations!

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