Why You Should Still Send Out Paper Invitations

May 6, 2021

Do you have a special event coming up? Are you looking for the perfect way to get people excited? Consider sending out paper invitations instead of, or in addition to, digital ones. Paper invitations are a great option for any celebration, including weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and more. These invitations are easy to customize and are a great reminder to people about your upcoming event.

There are many reasons why it is still important to send out paper invites to potential guests in Kearney, NE. If you’re ready to send out the perfect invitations, visit a quality printing services provider in your area.

People sometimes ignore emails

With people receiving so many emails these days, it’s easy for them to skip over or accidentally delete one, which might include your invitation. A paper invitation sent through the mail, however, is much harder to miss. This is especially true if you’ve packaged the invitation in a creative way.

You can be more creative

There’s a certain elegance that comes with using paper invitations as opposed to just digital ones. Paper allows you the ability to make your invitations more aesthetically pleasing and creative. You could add glitter, a cool pattern or pretty much anything you want!

Some people choose to make their invitations look like certain items, including glasses, ice cream cones, animals and more. You could even make your invitation a tiny book that features all the information about your special event.

Paper invitations also allow you to provide plenty of information about the event. If all the information is typed out in a digital invite, guests might skip over something important. This could include the exact time or place of the event. A guest could also forget to RSVP if they’ve only received a digital invite.

They are a constant reminder of the upcoming event

It’s easy to forget about an event that’s months away if the invitation is just sitting in an inbox. Paper invitations can be placed on refrigerators or other easy-to-see places in a person’s home. Thanks to this constant visibility, guests probably aren’t going to forget about your upcoming event.

People will know what to expect

If you’ve sent out an invitation with bright colors and fun decorations, guests will likely expect a casual event. An elegant paper invitation will tell guests to dress nicely and be prepared for fancy food options. Be sure to convey the right tone with your invitations!

You give guests something they can save

Most people love having paper invitations to remember special events. This is especially true if the invitation is for a wedding or graduation. Parents and other family members often like saving these invitations in scrapbooks and photo albums. You’ll also be able to save a paper invitation as a keepsake for your own purposes. These invitations make excellent decorations when framed. You could proudly display an invitation to your recent wedding or graduation on a fireplace or living room shelf.

As you can see, there are many reasons why it is still important to send out paper invites to all guests for your next Kearney, NE event. For top-quality printing services, contact or visit Copycat Printing today!

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