Reasons Wedding Invitations Are So Important

April 22, 2021

Thanks to the internet and social media, we’re more connected to friends and family than ever. Even old friends we haven’t seen in years are just a Facebook message or email away! This constant connectivity can be a blessing for couples planning a wedding.

While it’s tempting to send an evite or email, we advise sticking to traditional mailed invitations for your wedding. Continue reading to learn why you should still have physical wedding invites in Kearney, NE:

  • Create excitement for the wedding: Mailing invitations is a couple’s first opportunity to create buzz around their wedding. Upon receiving the invite, guests will (hopefully) immediately send their RSVP and then put the invite on the fridge or somewhere else in their home. Just be sure to send professionally designed and printed cards for maximum effect.
  • Set the tone for the wedding: Unless your invitees are partially responsible for planning the wedding, they will likely have no clue what the wedding’s theme will be until they receive their invitation. The invitation sets the tone of the wedding and lets guests know what to expect when they arrive, including important things like whether the wedding will be a black-tie affair or if it will be taking place outdoors.
  • Highlight the wedding’s importance: A professionally designed wedding card showcases just how significant this day is for the couple. That’s typically not the case when a couple merely sends out an email invitation. When recipients receive a beautiful card, they’re also more likely to attend your big day.
  • Save it as a keepsake: A professional card is a keepsake long after the wedding date has passed. Many couples include a copy of their card in their wedding book or even have it framed and hung on their wall. You’d be surprised at how many guests save their invites, too!
  • Inform and guide guests: A wedding invitation card can be beautifully designed, but it’s not worth very much if it doesn’t include some vital information. Be sure your card has details like the date, time and location. Without that information, you’re not going to have a very big turnout.

What information should be included on an invite?

The reasons why you should still have physical wedding invites in Kearney, NE should be clear. But do you know what all needs to go on a wedding invitation? Neglecting to send out a thorough card negates many of the points we mentioned above!

In addition to the date and time, the invite should include things like the locations of the ceremony and reception, type of reception, dress code, directions and an RSVP card. If you have a wedding website or registry, it’s a good idea to include that information, too.

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