What Would Make a Good Business Banner?

March 18, 2021

Custom banners for businesses and events are a great way to grab attention. It’s easy to lure in new customers and create a great first impression when you design and print your own custom banners. The trick is to choose a great design, work with a skilled printing company and position your banners for the most visual impact.

Here are some tips for eye-catching business banner designs in Kearney, NE:

  • Know where you’ll put the banner: Placement makes a difference in how you’ll design your banner. For example, a trade show banner is different than one you’d place on the front of your business, and both of those are different from banners meant to direct visitors to specific locations. Before you start designing, know exactly where you’ll put your banner and what you hope to get out of it.
  • Keep your message simple: Don’t make the mistake of trying to cram too much information onto your banner. For example, if you’re having a big sale, the primary information customers need to know is your business name, sale type, date and location. Everything else is extra—and it could confuse your message.
  • Make it readable from a distance: Depending on where you plan to place your banner, it needs to be readable from far away, at a glance. Choose bold, readable fonts and simple messages. Like your message, the key to readability is “less is more.”
  • Stay on brand: Of course, just because you need to keep your banner simple and readable doesn’t mean that it can’t fit into your branding materials. Include fonts, logos and graphics that blend in with your regular branding. Customers recognize visual branding and will automatically associate it with your business, even if they’re driving by too fast to read all the details.
  • Use high-quality graphics: The key to a great-looking banner is to use high-quality graphics. Work with a professional designer and ask for scalable graphics that can be used for multiple sizes. Otherwise, you risk getting grainy or pixelated images, which looks unprofessional.
  • Choose colors carefully: Like fonts and images, you should give plenty of thought to which colors you choose. Not only do certain colors evoke specific impressions, but some colors and combinations are easier to read than others. For example, the human eye can’t focus on red and blue at the same time, so you’ll want to skip blue text on a red background.
  • Get the right finishing touches: Finally, make sure you have your banner professionally finished. It should be hemmed properly, so the edges don’t fray in the wind, and you should always opt for metal grommets. They protect your fasteners from ripping the corners of the banner, and it looks more professional.

A well-designed, professionally-printed banner can do a lot for your business. Follow these tips for eye-catching business banners in Kearney, NE to get the right kind of attention, and reach out to the experts at Copycat Printing when you’re ready to print some new banners for your company!

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