Why Is It Important to Shop Local?

January 5, 2021

Consumers often default to shopping at nationwide conglomerates without realizing they can get even better quality from local business owners. From groceries to professional printing, all the services you could ever ask for are available just down the street. Below are some of the most prominent reasons why residents of Kearney, NE should shop local.

Local businesses are the largest employer

The majority of Americans receive their income by working at local businesses. This might sound shocking, since many mom-and-pop establishments don’t have more than a dozen employees. But when you add them all together, local businesses comprise 65 percent of the total employment in the United States.

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to shop local, restaurants and boutiques depend on your purchases so they can afford to remain open in times of crisis and pay their employees. When businesses thrive thanks to customer support, they’ll have the resources to expand and hire more staff. If you’re in the market for a job, think about the storefronts in Kearney, NE you drive past every day and see if they’re looking for new hires.

Owners give back to the community

The owners of local businesses work and live in the same community. Their customers and neighbors are one and the same, so they’re intimately familiar with the goings-on around town. Perhaps the homeless shelter is in desperate need of donations or the city needs more funding so they can build a new childcare center. Local owners are more likely to show sympathy toward local causes and will contribute however they can.

Your money stays close to home

When you shop at a massive department store, there’s a lack of transparency about where your money ends up. One thing’s for sure: it’s not invested back into the community. Local businesses are different because they often get their resources from nearby suppliers. If you visit the neighborhood deli, a portion of your purchase goes back to the farmers in Kearney, NE who raised the livestock or grew the grains.

Consumers who question why they should shop local must understand that mom-and-pop stores are integral for a healthy local economy. Even something as simple as getting professional printing done locally will help build a self-sustainable community that doesn’t depend on outsourced materials.

They’re better for the environment

As mentioned before, local businesses rely on other local businesses. That means resources are travelling within a specific region rather than across the country. The fewer miles supply trucks have to drive, the fewer carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. Since local owners are invested in the community, they’re more likely to make eco-friendly business choices like buying local and using renewable energy.

Community members who explore their options will discover there’s a local business to satisfy every need. You can even get professional printing services right here in Kearney, NE. The design artists at Copycat Printing come from humble beginnings and deliver superior craftsmanship to their neighbors. Check out our website to read more about our experienced staff!

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