Why Business Cards Are Important to Have

January 15, 2021

Business has changed in many ways, but some things remain the same. Having a quality business card is still important in establishing your business, keeping connected with your network and maintaining a professional appearance.

Customers rely on a personal connection with you to establish trust in your business offerings. Boost your sales in the Kearney, NE area and capture more clients by carrying your own set of professional business cards.

Why business cards still matter to your customers

Without professional business cards, you may lack the personal touch necessary to connect with customers or potential clients. If your business is looking to expand, the best way to keep customer interest and build brand loyalty is by connecting on a personal level.

Unfortunately, digital business cards just won’t cut it. Even email campaigns are easy to ignore and fail to spark interest. This is because of the high volume of email your customers likely receive on a daily basis. Secure your customers’ interest through one-on-one interactions and a personal, professional business card.

Business cards also create the opportunity to showcase your business. You never know how widely your card will be shared. It is important to keep it professional, but also eye-catching. It has the ability to solidify first impressions, which is a powerful tool marketers use to create buzz and capture interest.

If you appear disorganized, customers are not likely to trust that your business itself will be any different. They may fear inattention to detail that could negatively affect your business partnership with them. Always keep a business card on you to avoid having to hand-write your email or contact information down. Never worry that your handwriting could be misinterpreted, resulting in a missed sale.

How to create a professional business card

Make sure, first and foremost, that your business card’s design speaks to the purpose of your business. If you offer landscaping services, for example, imagery of trees or other greenery can signal that purpose to your client on sight.

Keep colors and logos on brand. Don’t use your business card as an opportunity to alter brand messaging or marketing materials. Keep it consistent to ensure easy recognition.

Depending on your industry, hard or soft edges may be appropriate as a design choice. However, do not deviate from business cards’ traditional sizing measurements. You want your professional business card to easily fit into someone’s wallet or pocket—otherwise, you risk the card being lost.

Custom printing services augment your image

You may need to enlist help from a graphic designer to best place your logos, business colors and other text on your business card. Be sure to get as much feedback as possible from your professional network when designing your business card so you can make sure you end up with the best end product possible.

For more information on business card printing services and why business cards still matter to your customers, contact Copycat Printing in Kearney, NE. Our experts will walk you through the process of creating and printing business cards to keep you prepared for today’s marketing needs.

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