The Importance of Letterhead

January 29, 2021

Letterheads that are consistent with an organization’s brand can be powerful marketing tools. They help capture business and are a great way to interact with a variety of stakeholders.

Designing an expert letterhead requires thoughtful and thorough preparation. Professionals in the Kearney, NE area can help bring your business to new heights by working with you to create first-rate letterhead.

Why having a quality letterhead is important

Having a professional and quality letterhead is great for internal memos, external communications and touch points with customers. Letterhead that is consistent with your business website and other marketing materials keeps up the appearance of organization and consistency within your business.

The positive impacts a first impression makes in enhancing your business’s appearance cannot be overstated. Often, customers choose whether or not they trust you to do the job right based on something as simple as letterheads. Don’t give them a reason not to trust you—a complete and professional job will entice new customers to try your business out.

A powerful marketing tool, letterheads enhance business leads through increased brand awareness. Be sure your logo and colors used on the letterhead are consistent with the overall brand. The better your customers are able to recognize you, the more business you will receive.

Quality letterhead can be used to circulate internal memos and signal their overall importance. Help employees feel important by hand-signing letterhead certificates on their anniversary or inviting them to a company picnic using formal letterhead.

Your corporate image is essential to maintain. Having a letterhead that reflects that image and your dedication to the professional enterprise you have created is just as important.

How to create a winning letterhead for your business

Letterhead design is best executed simply, rather than through elaborate and intricate details. Consider everything from letter type to size when creating your professional letterhead.

Understand that your letterhead will be used for a variety of uses and it is best to err on the side of being overly professional. This is because if your letterhead is too casual, it cannot be used as a legal document and may miss the mark on professionalism.

Other important uses include invoices and customer receipts. Be sure all relevant information is included on your letterhead, including full address of the business, phone number and other contact information that is important for the customer or supplier to have. If you have turnover in your organization, exclude specific names or emails. Otherwise, you may need to reorder the new letterhead when it becomes irrelevant or contains outdated information.

Don’t forget resolution—the last thing you want is to send your letterhead off to the printers and get it back blurry and unreadable. When enlarging your corporate logo or even font, keep in mind how much you are diluting the sharp lines of your design.

If you don’t know where to start on your journey to make excellent letterhead for your business, or have more questions about why having quality letterhead is important, consider bringing in professional help. The experts at Copycat Printing in Kearney, NE can give you advice on best practices and tips to keep your letterhead looking professional.

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