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August 24, 2020

Your print shop in Kearney, NE has compiled the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

What format should I use to submit my document for printing?

Typically, the standard format for a print shop in Kearney, NE is a portable document format (PDF). This works with nearly all devices and professional printing systems. It provides consistency as the document moves from system to system, and is compatible with common design software.

What type of paper should I choose for my print project?

Paper grades are defined by weight (how much 500 sheets of that paper weighs). Following are the most common grades:

  • Bond: This is used for copying (20 pound), letterheads (24 pound) and business forms (16 pound).
  • Text: This is a high-quality paper that offers greater texture. Its weight ranges from 60 to 100 pound.
  • Uncoated book: This typically ranges from 50 pound to 70 pound, and is often used for offset printing.
  • Coated book: This grade features a glossy finish, making it a good choice for vivid colors. Its weights range from 60 pound to 110 pound for sheet press and 30 pound to 70 pound for web press.
  • Cover: This grade can be coated or uncoated. It is the top choice for book covers, business cards and postcards. Its weights range from 60 pound to 100 pound.

What are pantone colors?

These colors reference the Pantone Matching System, which the printing industry uses to standardize colors. Each printing color is identified by a unique name and number to ensure the colors you choose for your project print consistently from system to system and printer to printer.

What are the most common sizes for brochures?

Brochures are typically printed in one of three sizes: 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14” and 11” x 17”.

What binding options are available for multi-page projects?

You can choose from a variety of binding options, based on your needs and budget. Consult with your local print shop in Kearney, NE to determine which option is best for your next project:

  • Perfect binding involves gluing the page edges together. This creates a flat binding.
  • Saddle-stitch uses staples to bind the folds of the pages together.
  • Spiral binding requires punching holes along the edges and inserting a wire spiral through the holes.
  • Plastic comb binding is similar to spiral binding but uses a plastic tubular piece that is inserted through the holes rather than a wire spiral.
  • Three-ring binding involves punching holes in the pages and inserting them in a binder.
  • Case binding is a hard-cover option that requires sewing pages together, then attaching them to the cover.

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