How to Design a Brochure: The Ultimate Guide

August 10, 2020

If you’re going to print brochures in Kearney, NE, it’s essential to create a brochure design in that is worth the investment. Brochures can be an effective way to get your message across, but you must follow key steps to develop a brochure that communicates clearly and engages your target audience well.

As you work on your brochure design in Kearney, NE, use the following tips. This step-by-step process will help you develop a high-impact brochure.

Pre-design steps

  • Consider your brand: What is the personality of your brand? This will determine the tone and voice of the brochure. For example, if your brand is fun-loving and whimsical, your brochure may include humorous illustrations and light-hearted text. If your brand is more technical or somber, your brochure style should be more serious and professional.
  • Choose your audience: Who is your ideal customer? Nail down this definition so you can create a brochure design in Kearney, NE that targets those customers. Ask yourself who needs your product or service and who would be most likely to buy it.
  • Develop your message: Now you can start thinking about what your message will be. Keep it focused and targeted, based on the previous two steps. Jot down the main ideas you want to convey with the brochure and what phrases and information you should include to effectively share that message.
  • Determine success: What will success with this brochure design in Kearney, NE look like? Will it attract 15 new customers? Will it help you sell 50 products? Develop your metrics to determine what defines success with this marketing initiative.
  • Set a budget: Of course, all marketing projects require a budget. Be sure to account for labor hours to design the brochure, the ink and paper for the printed brochures in Kearney, NE and expenses related to distribution.

Design steps

  • Follow brand standards: Don’t forget step #1 above. Adhere to your brand voice and branding standards as you create your brochure. It should be clear at a glance that this brochure is from your company because it is consistent with your other marketing efforts.
  • Keep your audience in mind: Again, go back to #2 above. What styles, approaches and information would appeal to your target audience? Keep in mind your customer’s generation, demographics, needs and wants.
  • Choose the best type: Print brochures in Kearney, NE are available in a variety of styles. Determine which would be best for your messaging. Would a one-page flyer be effective, or should you create a tri-fold brochure? It might be helpful to consult with a professional printing company for input on types of brochures.
  • Gather materials: What images and text will you use for your brochure design in Kearney, NE? Gather these materials and save them in one folder. Keep everything organized to make your design and printing process as smooth as possible.
  • Choose a CTA: Remember, your brochure needs to have a purpose. What do you want it to encourage people to do? Choose the perfect call to action (CTA) and focus the brochure around that action. Make it very clear what you want the reader to do and how they should do it.

Choose the right printer

After you’ve created your brochure design in Kearney, NE, a final key step is choosing a quality printer to ensure your finished product looks sharp. Contact the team at Copycat Printing for custom designs, eye-catching brochures and professional results.

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