How Can Signage Keep You Safe from COVID-19?

July 24, 2020

COVID-19 has changed our lives in a lot of ways—and one of the most surprising might be the need for a lot of new signage. After all, it’s hard for some folks to adjust to the new normal, including strict handwashing standards, social distancing measures and wearing a mask. Whether you’re in a grocery store, picking up takeout or going to the doctor’s office, having plenty of clear and friendly signage helps make the process easier.

If you’re running a business or other public space during the COVID-19 era, online sign design in Kearney, NE is a great tool. You can design custom signs to help guide your guests or have one of our talented staff make something for you, then have us print the quantity you need.

Signs to consider during COVID-19

Think about what your customer needs to know when they arrive on the premises, and design your signs accordingly. These could include:

  • Wayfinding: If the layout of your store has changed, or if you now have one-way aisles or other quirks, signs for wayfinding are important. You can also use them to point people in the direction of hand sanitizer and restrooms.
  • Social distancing and hygiene standards: Some folks aren’t good with spatial concepts—six feet might as well be six inches. Post signs designating how far apart to stand, or hygiene standards for employees and guests, such as “masks required” and “employees must wipe down cash register after every customer.”
  • Pickup and delivery information: Most of us want to stay at home and avoid the possibility of catching COVID-19 altogether, which is why pickup and delivery options are so popular now. Take the opportunity to make signs telling customers about your offerings.
  • New hours and store policies: Finally, if your store has new policies or hours as a result of the pandemic, use online sign design in Kearney, NE to let your guests know.

What to include in your signs

What are the elements that need to be incorporated into your signage? Here are some key features to include:

  • A friendly greeting: Experts have suggested that mass-produced signs might create additional stress for guests, beyond what we’re already experiencing, so custom designing your signs is smart. You can add friendly greetings, inspirational ideas (such as “we’re all in this together”) or other ways to convey that you appreciate their patience with “the new normal.”
  • Your company’s logo and branding: In addition to making your guests feel comfortable, you also want them to realize that this is a company policy. Include your logo and other branding elements, such as graphics and slogans, to convey authority and a sense of place.
  • Clear, concise information: Finally, determine what you want your sign to convey and try to do so in as few words as possible. The longer your sign is, the less likely a guest will be to read and absorb the information.

If you need help designing your custom signs online in Kearney, NE, get in touch with the team at Copycat Printing today.

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