Uses for Contour Cut Signage

April 27, 2020

If you need attractive and eye-catching signs, contour cut signage can be a great solution. These unique types of signs are great for making a visual splash. If you’ve been considering contour cut signs in Kearney, NE, Copycat Printing has a solution for you. They’re a great way to step beyond the traditional square or rectangular signs and make your business’s branding stand out.

What is contour cut signage?

Contour cut signs are signs with unique shapes—just as you might cut an image out of a magazine, contour cut signs are made by a computer, which is told exactly where to cut and how. Instead of being limited to square or rectangular signs, your banners or other signage can be any shape you desire. This offers superior flexibility with custom-shaped results.

Contour cut signage comes in three different types: contour cut (which is cut precisely around the design), halo cut (which has a quarter- to half-inch border around the design) and die cut (which uses a stencil to push through the shaped design). They can be done in vinyl, acrylic, acoustic panels, Coroplast and aluminum. Not sure which type is right for you? Be sure to ask the team at Copycat Printing.

Here’s a look at some potential uses for contour cut signage and lettering in Kearney, NE:

  • Product signs: Having a custom sign to advertise your products is a no-brainer. Copycat Printing offers a variety of banners and signs in different shapes and sizes, including advertising flags (pole, teardrop and feather flags are all available), indoor/outdoor signs (wall graphics, vinyl banners, yard signs and real estate frames) and more. When it comes to size and shape, your imagination is the only limit.
  • Vehicle wraps: Whether you want to advertise your business on your vehicle, or your vehicle is the business (as in the case of food trucks), we can create crisp, clear vehicle wraps so your car or truck is a traveling advertisement.
  • Product mascots: Do you have a company or team mascot that makes your business recognizable? We can produce banners, signs and other advertising that makes your mascot stand out.
  • Floor graphics: Floor graphics are another great way to take advantage of advertising space. From stores to stadiums, we can make an adhesive floor banner that directs your customers or gets them fired up for the next great offer.
  • Window graphics: Finally, window graphics are another great way to take advantage of contour cut signage. Rather than taking up your entire square or rectangular window, you can create beautiful signs in custom shapes that will be eye-catching, as well as letting light—and the views—in.

No matter what your vision, contour cut signage is sure to bring your ideas to life.

Get contour cut signs in Kearney, NE

Copycat Printing can make beautiful, affordable contour cut signs for all your business or personal needs. From banners and table throws to vehicle and wall decals, we make it a priority to create high-quality signs for your large format professional products. Call us today to learn more about our services and get started designing and printing your own contour cut sign.

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