Five Reasons Why You Should Still Send Out Holiday Cards

December 7, 2021

Wondering if sending out holiday cards is too “old school”? While quick communication is easy thanks to the internet, there’s really nothing like the feeling of receiving a traditional, handwritten card. Here are five reasons why you should still send out Christmas cards—this year and every year.

Spread holiday cheer

Sending out holiday cards is a great way to get friends and family in the Christmas spirit. There’s something special about receiving a traditional Christmas card in the mail. It can kindle warm memories of holidays spent with family and friends.

Little ones especially appreciate receiving a holiday card in the mail. While snail mail isn’t entirely a thing of the past, getting a letter in the mail is much less common than it used to be. Children also love sending holiday cards themselves. Make warm holiday memories they’ll remember for a lifetime by spending an afternoon filling out envelopes and writing fun messages to everyone on your list.

Reconnect with someone special

Rather than a simple e-mail or text message, send a card with a handwritten sentiment to show someone special that you truly care. Sending Christmas cards is a must to keep in contact with long-distance relatives or friends. While mailing a card may seem like a simple gesture, it shows that you’ve put some time and thought into your correspondence. It’s a meaningful expression that your loved ones will appreciate.

Update family photos

One of the main reasons why you should still send out Christmas cards is that it’s a great way to provide updates on your family. This is especially true if you or your loved ones don’t use social media channels to stay up to date on what’s going on with friends and relatives.

Most people include a recent family photo inside a holiday card. Some even write an entire blurb about what’s been going on in everyone’s life, including significant events like anniversaries, graduations, marriages and more. It’s a simple way to stay updated on the lives of those who are important to you, even if you live hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Show gratitude

Has someone gone above and beyond on your behalf this year? Show your appreciation by sending a thoughtful holiday card. Whether you have a coworker who went the extra mile for you throughout the year or you have an extra-helpful neighbor, a simple card goes a long way when it comes to showing gratitude and thankfulness.

Pair with a gift

Sending gifts to your loved ones this holiday? It only makes sense to send a card, too, especially if you’re sending cash or a gift card. It’s likely impossible to hold in-person gift exchanges with everyone on your list this year. Make it easy on yourself and show loved ones you remember and appreciate them by ordering all your cards at once and sending the gift and card together.

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