The Benefits of Marketing with Floor Decals

September 7, 2021

When it comes to marketing, there’s a seemingly infinite number of media to choose from. There are commercials, billboards, signage, print ads and many more ways to inform the public about your product. But instead of getting caught up in the wash of traditional marketing techniques, wouldn’t you rather come up with something exceptional?

If you enlist the help of printing services for large format printing, you can try floor decals as part of your marketing campaign. There are myriad benefits to implementing floor decals for marketing purposes, and that’s what this article will cover.

Efficient use of space

For traditional signage, you’ll either have to mount it on a wall or place the sign within the store. You might even have to hang it from the ceiling.

This limits where you can put the sign and who might see it. But putting down a floor decal means that people will walk over and notice your display, and you’ll convey your message without obstructing the flow of foot traffic.

In the line of sight

Most people, when walking to a department in a store, will look straight ahead or down. If they aren’t actively browsing the store, they are less likely to be glancing up and around.

Peoples’ propensity to look down at their phones as they’re walking also puts floor decals in their peripheral line of sight. You want your advertisement to be seen by customers, and having it on the floor increases the chances of that occurring.

Allows for creativity

Using printing services that offer large-format printing for floor decals presents you with a unique opportunity to be creative with your advertising.

Because the decal is on the floor, you can use an optical illusion to make it seem like the product is popping up, breaking out or is otherwise three-dimensional. You can also experiment with different shapes and graphic types because, since it’s not a normal sign, it doesn’t have to be a standard rectangle.

Can be functional

In addition to offering more options creatively, floor decals can serve a utilitarian function. You can put down decals that tell customers about sales going on and then have arrows directing them where to go to find the sales.

If your store gets crowded, you can put down arrows to help direct the flow of traffic, so everyone isn’t cramped and running into each other. And finally, if your store’s layout is new and/or confusing, you can have arrows on the ground pointing to the entrance, exit and checkout lanes.

Call to discuss floor decals for your store today

If you’re searching for a new type of marketing campaign or simply want to make it easier for your customers to navigate your store, consider installing floor decals. Next give us a call at Copycat Printing to get the ball rolling on floor decals for your store.

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