Why Wall Decals Are a Great Choice for Your Business OR Your Home

February 9, 2021

A bare wall is a boring wall. For a retail business, it can be wasted space that might otherwise be used to advertise your business or attract customers. At home, it’s said that a space really becomes ours when the walls reflect our own personality. One affordable way to make help fill those bare walls is by using decals. Here are some tips on the use of wall decals for your home and business in Kearney, NE.

What is a decal?

Decals and stickers are similar in that they are both printed graphics designed to be stuck on a surface. This could be text, image, logo or any other graphic. But they differ in how they’re used and how they’re made.

While a decal is a type of sticker, not all stickers are considered decals. A sticker is made for one-time use, with the idea being that once a sticker is placed somewhere, it will stay there.

A decal is different. It’s made to be removable and placed on a variety of surfaces. It will last longer, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Decals are made with three layers, with the actual decal sandwiched between two pieces of paper. To apply a decal, the back is removed and the decal is placed, then the top paper is removed to reveal the design.

Why use a decal?

There are many reasons to use wall decals in your home or business in Kearney, NE:

  • Spruce up the home office: Working from home has become a reality for so many people these days, and while it can be nice to work in pajamas sometimes, being in the same place all day long can get boring. Wall decals with your favorite artwork, quote or photo can provide some much-needed inspiration in your home office.
  • Attract customers: While murals can be an eye-catching addition to your business, they’re not always an option. Murals can be expensive, and often a business owner will need permission to apply paint on the building. Decals can be customized with any image or text, in just about any size, and applied to any surface. While they will stay affixed to a surface for years, they are also easy to remove should the need arise.
  • Home décor: It’s common to see paintings, photos and other framed artwork hanging on the wall in someone’s home, but a decal offers an interesting design element that can make a room feel more interesting. Decals can be anything from photos to shapes to text, in any color imaginable. They provide a different depth and can offer creative solutions for spaces with walls that are not conducive to hanging things.

Decals can be a cost-effective way of advertising your business and adding artistic flair to your home base. For more information about the use of wall decals for your home and business in Kearney, NE, contact the team at Copycat Printing today. We look forward to telling you all about our products and services and helping you find solutions that work for you.

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